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November 2006

Naturesongs Digital Recordings and Photos from Nature!

insects, animals, weather, water, birds, etc. and their sounds – The Social Music Revolution

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a web2.0 radio listening site; you can see others' tastes and perhaps pick up some tips from them; like Pandora, it learns your tastes

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a radio listening site: schedule listings for thousands of public radio stations and programs around the world


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goal is to record all the books in the public domain; lots of audio-lit here

Open Source Radio Show

"Every time we have an idea for an hour of radio we post it to the site." Via blog viewers help build shows which air after research.

Media Art Net | Overview of Media Art | MassMedia

links to many full text essays on television; site is a little difficult to navigate, but links to much good writing

Media College - Video, Audio and Multimedia Resources

reference material for all electronic media-- video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design; excellent quick guides and tutorials, on things like video streaming

October 2006

BBC - Wales - Digital Storytelling

BBC site has good examples, especially children's "Shoebox Stories"

architechtural, music, media blog

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well written; of use to media people, especially for mise en scene, ways of attending to space

July 2006

StoryCorps - Interview Your Loved Ones

Go with a friend to a storybooth and have her interview so you can tell your story. On of the most important audio autobiography projects.

Audio documentary by Chuck Kleinhans

much radio documentary and many audio archives focus on first person narration