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December 2006

Orion Magazine

ideas of sustainability and its cultural contexts; many notable writers and artists here

November 2006

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography

blog that reviews and critiques aspects of art and visual culture and photojournalism, often from an ethical standpoint

ZoneZero: from analog to digital photography

a large socially committed ejournal, edited by Pedro Meyer, one of the pioneers in digital photographic art; galleries, essays, investigations into image circulation and production within digital communication, especially the Internet

Howie's Home Page

homepage and access to many of Howard Becker's essays online; major figure in sociology of art

SF Gate: Sex trafficking from South Korea to US

During their trip to South Korea, Chronicle reporter Meredith May and staff photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice found that while the public sex industry has slowed, parts of the business has gone underground and is still alive and well. Audio/slideshow in 4 p

Invincible Cities

photographic exploration of two poor cities, a combination of Walter Benjamin's interest in traces and overlays with systematic, extensive visual ethnography

Sal Randolph

attractive web site with art and essays by artist who lives in New York and produces independent art projects involving gift economies and social architectures

Project Premises : Sed : A Trail of Thirst

hypertext and visual arts project on southwest US and politics of the border; extensive essay with incorporated artistic material; new vision of documentary media, visual ethnography

October 2006

The Propaganda Remix Project

by 2 others
old WW2 posters with contemporary messages; very well thought out designwise; print out for your office door

translations of essays on activist art

On republicart, click on the words listed to the left under Discourse to see essays on topics such as: alternative economics, public sphere, precariousness, represenations, space of empire, art sabotage.

September 2006

Lens On Lebanon

"documentary material, photo narratives, and video diaries of daily life conceived, produced, and contributed by residents of Lebanon"

July 2006

LensCulture Web Log

attractive site, traces exhibitions and artists whose photographic work comments on culture

Eric Margolis

visual ethnographer and sociologist's home page