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November 2006


wide ranging litblog with many interests, images, and links; includes interests in film, music and visual culture

October 2006

July 2006


cultural theory, literature, media--from the perspective of a Latin Americanist

The Reading Experience

from librarian, wide range, well-written, theoretical about reading

June 2006

Guardian Unlimited Books | Links | Guardian Unlimited Books' top 10 literary blogs

I like to look at book sections of newpapers and their archives; The Guardian's is extensive and free, unlike many other online news sites.

Light reading

well written, wide ranging

The Library Girl

well written and cosmopolitan

Bookslut | Issue 49 | June 2006

by 2 others
ezine, reviews, interviews with writers

identity theory | literature

extensive site that focuses on literature, culture, social justice; offbeat and interesting structure make it an appealing site

Complete Review - books

"A selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new"

Maud Newton: Lit Blog

by 1 other
overview of other litblogs

Bookdwarf lit blog

good links to other lit. sites

MoorishGirl: lit blog

well written and cosmopolitan


by 1 other
variety of genres followed

Slow Learner

thoughtful discussions of contemporary theory

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