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30 November 2006

Boston Review

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left political and literary review, good writing

21 November 2006

Generation, translations and essays

translations and essays of key European cultural theorists, often Marxists; interestingly crafted site

20 November 2006

Joel Kovel

many of this important writer's essays online, a psychoanalyst who has long been a political commentator

18 November 2006

ZoneZero: from analog to digital photography

a large socially committed ejournal, edited by Pedro Meyer, one of the pioneers in digital photographic art; galleries, essays, investigations into image circulation and production within digital communication, especially the Internet

15 November 2006

generations, translations

research and translations by a small group of people interested in developing critical approaches to philosophy and social and political thought. It involves theoretical openness as an experimental method, as an ethical principle and as a social practice

13 November 2006

"We"--with the words of Arundhati Roy

a 64-minute Internet documentary made anonymously in New Zealand, using Roy's speech and a montage of politically inflected imagery; new style of essayistic documentary; DVD at hi-res available

11 November 2006

06 November 2006

archive : s0metim3s | Undercommons 2.0 | October | 2006

Andrew Ross: “Technology and Below-the-Line Labor in the Copyfight over Intellectual Property” (American Quarterly, 58:3, 2006).

02 November 2006

01 November 2006

The Art of Rent by David Harvey, SR 2002 | Socialist Register

"a widespread belief that there is something special about certain cultural products and events (be they in the arts, theatre, music, cinema, architecture or more broadly in localized ways of life, heritage, collective memories and affective communities).

Continental Drift a seminar with Brian Holmes

"articulating the immense geopolitical and economic shifts which took place between 1989-2001, the effects of those changes on bodies of governance and in turn the effects on subjectivity today"; links to political and social readings

23 October 2006

Mute magazine-"Time, Labour & Social Domination"

long review by Moishe Postone; in-depth analysis of contemporary theories of non-material labor in information field

The Propaganda Remix Project

by 2 others
old WW2 posters with contemporary messages; very well thought out designwise; print out for your office door

18 October 2006

Professor Stephen Graham - Writing & Publication

left urban geographer, with many online writings, often with an international focus

17 October 2006


manufacturing processes, labor conditions, and environmental issues involved in the production of contemporary goods

influence of Henri Lefevre

Stuart Elden traces influence of Lefevre's concept of space on contemporary theorists like Castells

16 October 2006

15 October 2006

The Google YouTube Tango

essay about the political consequences of marketing based on Internet-use data

09 October 2006

About radical reference | Radical Reference

a service provided by volunteer library workers from all over the United States to assist demonstrators and activists

01 October 2006

re-public: re.imagining democracy

e-journal: "process of re-imagining democracy, broadly conceived as referring to the multitude of practices that shape everyday life"; in-depth left essays from an international perspective

Sam Brody: American Filmmaker and Photographer

co-founder of 1930's Film and Photo League, a memorial web site gathering his writings