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01 December 2006

22 November 2006

ArtLex on New Media

entry in big art site has many links and hypertext connections to trace out; useful

DIGITALSOULS.COM - new media art | philosophy | culture

"one of the longest continuously running online galleries and e-zines dedicated to new media art, digital culture and philosophy; contributions by international artists and writers including Brian Eno, Yoko Ono, John Berger, Sean Cubitt, Susan Sontag..."

StorySprawl Hyperfiction Story Creator

ongoing fiction sites that readers can contribute chapters to

21 November 2006

What Can We Do With Flickr? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

how to create hotspots with popup notes on Flickr. Very useful for image analysis and assignment requiring students to comment on social aspects or formal aspects of image; or to formally critique them.

20 November 2006

18 November 2006

15 November 2006

14 November 2006

Word Circuits

"This is a place for poetry and fiction born to pixels rather than the page--writing that's digital down to its bones." An excellent resource with both online poetry, often Flash poetry, and other links.

Low Probability of Racoons - Hypertext and Flash animated poems

uses the duration of video to make kinetic poetry that has a narrative in the words and beyond them; nice example for students of simple form with complex effects

13 November 2006

Electronic Literature Organization - Directory

good source for hypertext, kinetic poetry, search by author or type

Center for History and New Media

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extensive site, with resources about historical moments and syllabi, tools for Internet research, and projects undertaken by the Center

06 November 2006

Multimedia - From Wagner to Virtual Reality

attractive web site dealing with concepts, pioneers, images, theory

Internet resources for course on web art production

links to theory, artists sites, institutional resources, good sites for tutorials, and ejournals on/for web art

Furtherfield Links

extensive set of links to digital art projects, grouped by themes and types

03 November 2006

Electronic Literature Organization

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some links to contemporary hypertext literature; information about and reviews of artists' DVDs

01 November 2006

Project Premises : Sed : A Trail of Thirst

hypertext and visual arts project on southwest US and politics of the border; extensive essay with incorporated artistic material; new vision of documentary media, visual ethnography

Gender Identity Panel - Resources

links to many interesting online hypertext, visually innovative works; some links no longer functional

31 October 2006


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a blog from the Institute for the Future of the Book, where much interesting work on screen reading and publication is going on

30 October 2006

Planned Obsolescence

Kathleen Fitzpatrick is a media teacher and is spearheading an important online project for media scholars, Media Commons. Her blog has many teaching resources and summaries of sessions at the recent Flow TV Conference.

21 October 2006

STORYTRON - Interactive Storytelling

Software for something between a game and literary hypertext. "Storytronics uses Verbs to define what may happen in interactive storytelling. Each Verb represents one possible dramatic action, like a kiss, a demand, or an advice." Looks like fun.