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November 2006

Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed

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a librarian teaches you about the dark web; originally written 2001, updated Oct. 2006

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

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one page of tips to remind you of search protocols on Google

Specialty Search Engines

* Answers * Computer * Domain * Financial * Government * Invisible Web * Legal * Mailing Lists * Medical * Newsgroups * Science * Shopping * Travel Search Engines • others

JEP - The Journal of Electronic Publishing

many of the past issues were on thematic concerns; ever of greater importance in academic and knowledge communities is the how-to of electronic publishing


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in an easily scannable, filterable, and sortable format, users are quickly able to see what movies may interest them

Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources | OEDb

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The invisible web, or deep web, is estimated to be 500 times bigger than the searchable web and comprises databases and results of specialty search engines that the popular search engines can't index.

Internet Search, Web Design, Online Marketing & more ...

an overview search site that gives information on various kinds of search engines and how to improve search; very useful for teaching; can do search from this site, too

July 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick » How to find good blogs on almost any topic

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threading your way if there is too much information or too much noise