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November 2006

group hug // anonymous online confessions

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like postsecrets but in prose; "type a note about a fault of your own, something you did or thought about and are not proud of"; filters out obvious lies, overtly vulgar, identifying specific others.

Digital Storytelling: A Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps

basic tips by J.D. Lasica on preparing for doing an audio/slideshow in narrative form, perhaps a first person recollection, tightly crafted. Makes a good handout.

October 2006

Jeffrey Ruoff: Publications

major writer on visual ethnography has many of his essays online

I Photograph to Remember

Pedro Meyer's photoessay about his father's last days; a classic

) ) ) torres21 ( ( (

artist and teacher's web site; under "digital storytelling" are wonderful quicktime movies, often from South America or in Latino USA, with subtitles; an exemplar of documentaries on the Internet

Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way

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always looking for new ways to interest students in certain kinds of projects involving visual narrative, autobiography, documentary

BBC - Wales - Digital Storytelling

BBC site has good examples, especially children's "Shoebox Stories"

TDR: "'You are here': the DNA of Performance"

essay by Diana Taylor about how traumatic events may be represented and possibly transmitted to those who did not experience them

Kate Bornstein's Blog for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws: The Voice Lesson

"Kate Bornstein in a slide show version of "The Voice Lesson," a trans-positive, feminist, funny look at how women are expected to talk." Makes good use of audio as unique medium for exposition of this content. Example of how audio slide show works.

Types of Stories for the Telling

useful for writers and teachers; screenwriters will find a lot of basic story types to exploit

Lesson Plans for Digital Storytelling

this is a lesson plan that could be adapted for different ages or kinds of classes, e.g., composition or video production or narrative arts

Brenda Ann Kenneally

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wonderful photo essays with audio documentary narrations

Brenda Ann Keneally: Pictures of my Neighborhood

powerful documentary photographs with audio documentary portraits; life in a poor urban neighborhood

September 2006

One sentence that relates something true

good for autobiographers, bloggers, screenwriters--folks who want to write pithy impactful accounts of their and others experiences.

digital storytelling links

from Digital Storytelling Festival site, current links sept 06, variety of categories


major station hosts digital storytelling initiative; good examples, handbook, model

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patriarch of New American Cinema now has a daily blog, need to pay to subscribe; new step by father of autobiographical film

One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence.

Like one of my favorite sites, postsecrets, this has a kind of documentary wit that resides in brevity and style.