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03 December 2006

other people's stories

Every story on OPS is a story a contributor heard from someone else. These stories have been overheard and misheard, told and re-told and sometimes refined over time.

01 December 2006

Lateral Thinking Problems - Preconceptions

The site poses problems in lateral or logical thinking, from easy to hard, with both hints and answers. Great party conversation and something kids will like.

Edward Tufte home site

by 4 others
lots here from a major figure in information graphics; especially interesting are many entries in section, "Ask E.T."

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking

by 3 others
a basic design text for art students, complete text and exercises onlin

28 November 2006

A Research Guide for Students - Site Map

a very large portal for students and teachers, including how to search, formatting of research papers, and many content links

27 November 2006

Visuarios: broadcast your skills

how-to videos or, more commonly, audio/slideshows; useful rhetorically for both technical writing and instructional video learning; web2.0 sharing of video that is perhaps instructionally more useful than YouTube.

24 November 2006

Writing Demonstrations

interactive demonstrations of Conducting Electronic Searches; useful both for the information contained and as a demo of web design and writing instructional media in a library context; the larger site is a resource for writers.

22 November 2006

20 November 2006

Morgans Office :: | Office / HomePage

very interestingly designed home page of rhetoric teacher, in the form of a wkik; lots of discussion of teaching, new media, softeware

19 November 2006

Poynter Online - Writing Tools

50 writing tools, a quick list; we can all benefit from these

18 November 2006

Incredible Art Lessons

by 1 other
many art lessons from preschool through college; lots of stimuli for the imagination, lots of detail if you are a parent or teacher

16 November 2006

Sequence Analysis

by 1 other
by a teacher, great handout for students on how to analyze a film sequence

Seeing Is Believing?

another page of visual illusions with explanations

14 November 2006

Word Circuits

"This is a place for poetry and fiction born to pixels rather than the page--writing that's digital down to its bones." An excellent resource with both online poetry, often Flash poetry, and other links.

13 November 2006

Guerrilla Filmmaking 101

the nitty-gritty of no-budget filmmaking, good on deflating romantic notions often held by first-timers

11 November 2006

Zensufi Park

Zen/sufi stories help those with writer's block or pinned down to traditional narrative arcs

Fifty Ways to Take Notes

by 31 others
both online and offline, include clippings or your own musings or both

06 November 2006