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01 December 2006

New Media and Cyberculture library resouces

Library Resources for communication studies site; here, suggested keywords for searches, reference works, periodical indexes, web sites, professional associations, journals and trade publications, statistical sources. updated 2004.

Digital Web Magazine

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see Nov. 27 06 and earlier, "The Rise of Flash Video" by Tom Green; many articles of interest to both designers and theorists in this ejournal

27 November 2006

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards

March 06; useful discursive comparison by judges of top contenders in each of many categories, which rhetorically can be used to teach students how to write about the Internet; sizeable honorable mention lists

Google Help : Web Search Features

If you click on About Google on its home page, you can get to this page which lists the multiple services Google offers, an amazing array.

Office 2.0 Database

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Oct 06 list of numerous web2.0 apps related to office functions, plus links to reviews of them, when available.Effort to have all apps be on web and not desktop, including photo, sound, and video editing, web publishing, drawing.


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"ShopWiki actively crawls more than 180,000 online stores to ensure you’ll find the products you want at the best prices." For a class looking at web2.0 apps, it's the kind of thing students would enjoy playing with.


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Portal with wide variety of categories; most useful are the evaluative and descriptive annotations for each entry, so you can see how the possible "consumer opinion," for example, sites vary. Place to find free reference tools.

Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing

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send a free fax within the USA and Canada, PDF or Word files, maximum two per day or $1.99 per fax for more; I have not used it yet but it sounds promising

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

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rather technical; useful list of many web2.0 bloggers; frequent comparison of sites serving a similar function

21 November 2006

19 November 2006

Code Z: Black Visual Culture Now

many categories, including fine art, design, fashion, film, architecture, publishing, digital media, public policy; attractively designed site, starting Aug. 06

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blog by woman interested in feminism and social uses of technology, including marketing, politics and pop culture

16 November 2006

Visual thinking school on Squidoo

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basic concepts broken down into useful small steps, with many visual examples to guide process. Web 2.0 in that it provides for interaction and author's introduction to sections.

13 November 2006

Not Fooling Anybody: Bad Conversions of Storefronts

vernacular conversions of old IHOPs, KFCs, BurgerKings, etc. to another commercial use; a wonderful collection of tacky architectural facades

06 November 2006

Solution Watch - Your descriptive source of solutions

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"reviewing and providing in-depth walkthroughs of today’s best products and services"; valuable because of plethora of new Web 2.0 software; explanation of how to use it gives clues as to if you would want to try new software.

17 October 2006

graphic illustration of data about US

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I learned new search terms for visualization: infosthetics or infoviz.

15 October 2006

The Google YouTube Tango

essay about the political consequences of marketing based on Internet-use data

05 October 2006

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Weblog

Theoretically sophisticated and business-informed blog on Interet and media issues.