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04 December 2006

01 December 2006

Lateral Thinking Problems - Preconceptions

The site poses problems in lateral or logical thinking, from easy to hard, with both hints and answers. Great party conversation and something kids will like.

27 November 2006

Visuarios: broadcast your skills

how-to videos or, more commonly, audio/slideshows; useful rhetorically for both technical writing and instructional video learning; web2.0 sharing of video that is perhaps instructionally more useful than YouTube.

Mojiti-video commentary software

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useful for teachers making clips to analyze in class; "personalize any video with your story. With visual spotlights, you can narrate your personal videos, add captions or subtitles, or comment on any scene."

Imagining the Internet

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popular site from Pew Internet Project; allows people to make predictions, read predictions from the 90s; nice for kids

26 November 2006

Links to cultural studies syllabi

from the Cultural Studies L site, a listerv and a source of other resources as well

activelearning strategies

a philosophy of education that relies on simulations, role plays, real world activities; practical tips and bibliography

22 November 2006

Please help me find movies that end with the main character dying. | Ask MetaFilter

It's a query that garnered 135 comments and added film titles within ten days. It lets me think MetaFilter might be fun for students, to craft media-related questions that would get lots of responses, simple queries like this one.

21 November 2006

Adding meaning and value to information

what we do with information that might make it useful and desirable to others

Geography courses with websites Valparaiso University

Geography courses, both present and past, with exercises, links, bibliography. Also see Urban Studies and American Indian Studies. Understanding place as cultural should inform both fiction and non-fiction film.

GEO 101 World Human Geography

very evocative discussion guides for students doing exercises in and thinking about a wide variety of physical and cultural spaces; writers can gets lots of ideas from this course and its notes

What Can We Do With Flickr? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

how to create hotspots with popup notes on Flickr. Very useful for image analysis and assignment requiring students to comment on social aspects or formal aspects of image; or to formally critique them.

20 November 2006

Morgans Office :: | Office / HomePage

very interestingly designed home page of rhetoric teacher, in the form of a wkik; lots of discussion of teaching, new media, softeware

American Studies Electronic Crossroads

large American Studies web portal, organized into Communities | Curriculum | Technology & Learning | Reference & Research

Connectivism Blog

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a new theory of education and learning, for a digital Internet culture

18 November 2006

Incredible Art Lessons

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many art lessons from preschool through college; lots of stimuli for the imagination, lots of detail if you are a parent or teacher

Category D: A Film and Media Studies Blog: The Intro Textbook: A Comparison

an entry in a film blog that I like that compares and contrasts the Film 101 textbooks commonly used

16 November 2006

Sequence Analysis

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by a teacher, great handout for students on how to analyze a film sequence

14 November 2006

Low Probability of Racoons - Hypertext and Flash animated poems

uses the duration of video to make kinetic poetry that has a narrative in the words and beyond them; nice example for students of simple form with complex effects

The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poem

video by Juan Delcan; model for students about good uses of new form of production and exhibition

11 November 2006

Knowing Knowledge

useful summary by George Siemens of his ideas from new book; educators need to rethink all ideas about knowledge, education, and learning for young people growing up in the Internet era

09 November 2006

Teaching resources links

a wide variety of intriguing paths to follow, listed alphabetically; a interesting way to set up a links page, although I prefer annotations

06 November 2006

Multimedia - From Wagner to Virtual Reality

attractive web site dealing with concepts, pioneers, images, theory