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April 2005


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Drawn! is a collaborative weblog for illustrators, artists, cartoonists, and anyone who likes to draw. Visit us daily for a dose of links and creative inspiration.

Optimization vs. Pessimization - your stakes, please! || Retrobox.Ru

Optimization is a medal with a reverse. When you make excessive use of optimization, you can meet a strange effect unofficially called 'pessimization'. Pessimization means that pages overusing SEO are artificially underestimated in search results pages. T

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November 2004

EE Links

This site contains links relating to ExpressionEngine. They are mostly links to threads on the pMachine forums.


Want a professional-looking glossary to add to your site? Probably of little relevance to webloggers but useful if you are using Expression Engine as the basis of your content management system, say to manage your company%u2019s public or private website

External Links Wordpress Plugin

The little images that appear after an external link on this site used to be created by pure CSS

MovableBlog: Archives: Integrating with PHP and Magpie

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In December of last year I published a way to integrate into your Movable Type-powered weblog. If you have PHP installed on your system, you can use the Magpie RSS PHP library in conjunction with the following PHP code to integrate on any webs

psychodaisy x: souls polished... 1 served.

Jennifer put together this awesome tutorial on how to show and hide the extended portion of an entry for MT. So I took that and adapted that to EE. It was not as bad as I thought.

ExpressionEngine HowTo: Expression Engine

HowTo: Add an Add New Entry Link to Your Pages

tb-standalone - Standalone TrackBack

The standalone TrackBack tool serves two purposes: 1) it allows non-Movable Type users to use TrackBack with the tool of their choice, provided they meet the installation requirements; 2) it serves as a reference point to aid developers in implementing Tr

mttrackback - TrackBack Technical Specification

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This document describes TrackBack, a framework for peer-to-peer communication and notifications between web sites. The central idea behind TrackBack is the idea of a TrackBack ping, a request saying, essentially, ``resource A is related/linked to resource