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10 February 2005

09 February 2005

An accessible bar chart

by 2 others
Good example of an accessible bar chart, with a touch of CSS and graceful display on older browsers.

08 February 2005

04 February 2005

How to Cut...

by 9 others
How to cut with a knife the right way..

Basics of search engine optimisation | 456 Berea Street

by 5 others
SEO is about good content, frequent content, titled content. Code structure and linking-in also help.

Matthew M. Boedicker - LaTeX Resume Tips

From Matthew M. Boedicker. His Résumé looks a bit of a mess to me, and it's a Résumé (cf. CV), but good links to other resources.

31 January 2005

Another Word for Nerd » Blog Archive » Using with PHP

You can get a straight HTML feed and directly include it into a PHP-generated page.

27 January 2005

Getting started with Ruby (Loud Thinking)

by 17 others
What Ruby lacks more than anything is good starting points for getting into the language. There's a bunch of absolutely excellent resources out there, though. I've attempted to summarize the best of them by category.

24 January 2005

Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog

At the end of interviews I'm often asked if I have any questions. I always think to myself "Lots, but asking about vacation time now might send the wrong message". What kind of questions are the interviews looking for or what kind of questions would be ap

Howto Authenticate in Rails

Note that with the new generator framework introduced in rails 0.9 you can now use the Login Generator to get a working authentication framework for your application going in seconds!

23 January 2005

18 January 2005

Turning a list into a navigation bar | 456 Berea Street

by 6 others
CSS tips: Turning a list into a navigation bar.

11 January 2005

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