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28 October 2007

Wetlands webquest

Introduction Not so long ago, all of the area where you live was farmland.


Introduction Behind your home a new sub-division is in the planning stages. There is a beautiful swamp, which you do not want to be destroyed. Make a presentation about the importance of the wetlands and why they should be preserved.

garden ecology article

Energy flow (food chains and food webs) Nutrient cycling Community interrelationships Ecosystem change

Calculating Animal Caloric Requirements

This menu lists pages concerned with energy flow in the biosphere. Energy comes from the sun: plants capture some of it and turn it into carbohydrates as they build their bodies. Animals are dependent on plants and eat them.

Science NetLinks: Investigating Local Ecosystems

To investigate the habitats of local plants and animals. To explore some of the ways animals depend on plants and each other.

Designing a Garden for Birds - The Helpful Gardener

Gardening tips: The Helpful Gardener brings the pleasure of gardening to your home. You will find our garden design articles collected in one spot.

Food Chains and Webs

Food Chains and Webs

25 October 2007


If animals interest you, try these links:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Wildflower Gardening

Below, in alphabetical order by subject, are links to information that will help you make your yard a more enticing place for local wildflowers and the butterflies, birds, and other creatures they support.

Journey North Instructional Strategies

Explore these Best Practice Strategies to engage your students in authentic learning:

Seedpod, Seed & Seedling Images

Images of Seedpods, Seeds and Seedlings

24 October 2007

Inquiry Strategies for Journey North Teachers

A Menu of Inquiry Strategies Introduction What Are Inquiry Strategies? Creating a Climate for Inquiry Shifting Control: Students as Decision Makers Creating a Culture of Collaboration Modeling the Spirit of Science Inquiry Asking Open-Ended Questions Factoring In Flexibility

Journey North Tulip Garden and Climate Change Study

What would happen to my bulbs if… While waiting for your garden to grow, you can use the time to experiment with bulbs indoors. "Forcing" bulbs can bring your experiments conveniently closer to your classroom.