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JBOOK: [kokuyotoipogurahui] 

It is the strange vision unrestricted building block where as for “[toipogurahui]”, when the part is rearranged, the English word becomes Chinese character of the same meaning, becomes the picture. While rearranging small and large various parts, playing pleasantly, it can cultivate the creativity of the children by experiencing the work of producing new shape. The material uses the Buna material where the Hokkaido product is selected, has become the completion where you can feel feeling good quality in material feeling such as touch. Not only the child way, also the adult moves the hand personally, by the fact that you think, everyone and others creativity (the flash) can forge pleasantly. 

e-glue : des idées qui collent !

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Spécialisé dans le design adhésif pour enfants, e-glue propose bien plus qu’une simple décoration. Considérant l’espace comme une page blanche à illustrer, e-glue permet d’ouvrir une fenêtre sur l’imaginaire, en transformant différents supports en espace de narrations, où petits et grands peuvent inventer, apprendre et s’amuser.



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13 episodes of the wonderful world of iloveegg. From pretty flowers to teddy bears to ninja fighters...

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