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November 2007

Traffic #5 - Giveaways & where you send 'em!

Okay, like I said yesterday, the critical thing now is to determine where the visitor will go, once they hit the submit button on your opt-in page. They can go to the first page of your site. They could be sent to a sales page for an affiliate product that you sell. You could set up a One Time Offer, or OTO, where they have one chance to purchase a product from you, at a special price........

Website Traffic Rule #1 - Housekeeping!

As promised a couple of days ago, I am going to run a short series of basic traffic generation techniques and tactics over the next 8/10 days. So, here’s the first tip - housekeeping! Imagine that you invite someone that you don’t know so well, but someone that you really do want to get to know, to your house. Do you make a bit of an effort for them?.......

August 2007

2 Critical Newbie Mistakes To Avoid.....

The single biggest mistake that I made when I first started out in Internet Marketing was not following through. I'd buy the latest "must have" info product, read half of it and then move on to buying the next big thing. All this did was drain my bank accounts whilst filling my computer's hard drive with all of the "latest info", most of which I still haven't read to this day!. Don't do the same.......

Batman begins a website!

After all this time, Robin could spot the signs: “What’s up, Boss?” “Robin, do you think that we’re still relevant? You know, with hand-held computers that are powerful enough to navigate ordinary men to Mars, and every police force on earth linked together by computers, is there any place for crime-fighting super-heroes like, us, you think?” “Holy-kamoley, Batman, course there is! When the police can fly without their jet choppers, then maybe we’re in trouble, but…….well, Boss, can I make a suggestion?”

60 Million Need Your Help!

A quick question – actually, two questions – for you. What is the one thing that every successful business on planet earth does an awful lot of?..........

The easiest money in the world?

‘Uncommon AdSense’ Reviewed Is AdSense the easiest money in the world? I would say that it is, as long as it is done correctly, and the fact that 99% of online business people do not do it correctly is the reason that they will never make any money with AdSense. In other words, if you don’t earn money, it’s your fault, not the fault of Google or their program. I mean, the whole thing could not be simpler, could it?

Napoleon & Friends…

I don’t know if you are familiar with the story behind Think and Grow Rich, but I’d like to take a moment and explain it so that you can appreciate exactly what this book offers. Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish steel industry tycoon, was the Bill Gates of his day. Not only was he rich beyond imagination, he was said to have more millionaires working FOR him than anyone else at that time. Obviously, to get that rich Mr. Carnegie must have been in possession of a fair bit of knowledge that the rest of the world wasn’t......

July 2007

FREE 'Open Adder' for MySpace.

If you are planning on running any kind of promotions on MySpace (which you should) then you may already be aware that the key to success is to acquire as many MySpace ‘friends’ as you can, as quickly as possible.....

Purge Your List!

Mailing lists. Don’t you just love them? Critically important that you have one, or several, for your business site or blog, but here’s something that you should, first, know and, second, do. It’s an immutable law of existence that the people on your list that cause the most problems for you will also be the ones that make the least money. They bug you, send you five or six requests for the same thing (every one of which needs an email response from you) and then, they NEVER, ever buy anything.

Thoof - A New Personalized News Site

Just came across a new site called Thoof, that I am guessing is targeting a similar market to Digg. It is set up as a personalized news site, and the way they have gone about attracting new posters is very interesting, and possibly a method that we might see more of in the future. Quite simply, they are using the ’sponsored ppost’ method of attracting new visitors, but in a very unique way.....

Cashing In On eBay

After a few years of working online, one thing that still fascinates me is the cyclical nature of internet making. In the earlier part of this year, it was ‘bum marketing’ this and ‘bum marketing’ that. No doubt that Travis Sago, who basically finessed the idea of good old fashioned article marketing into something new and trendy did a great job. But, you could not escape bum marketing....

Pollution Perspective.

The kind of thing that just shouts “Read Me”……So, I did. Apparently, BP have received permission from State regulators in Indiana to increase the amounts of toxic chemicals (ammonia and industrial sludge) that are released from their refinery in Whiting, Ind., into Lake Michigan....

Forget Divorce

I just finished writing a brand new PLR eBook with the fairly self-explanatory title of Forget Divorce - Make Your Marriage Work Divorce, and more specifically, how to avoid it, is actually a very, very hot topic at the moment, as something around 45% of all marriages in North America end up in the divorce courts! And, every single divorce costs US State and Federal governments combined around $30000 EACH, which means that divorce is a $32 BILLION niche market..... Indeed, each and every household in the USA shells out over $300, just to cover the costs of all of these marriages that are falling apart!

Subliminal Messaging - What Do You Think?

I got my hands on a brand new bit of software the other day that sent my mind racing back maybe thirty years, which was kind of odd, because I was actually transported back to a time well before the net as we know it even really existed by this software! It was a time of very high tensions between the USA and the USSR (as it was then), when all sorts of wonderfully nonsensical rumors were pitched out as fact and people actiually believed them. One of these rumors concerned subliminal messaging, and the fact that those pesky Russians were sending subliminal messages through TV advertising, to pollute the minds of all right-thinking Americans. Kind of ‘Death By Daz’ or “Rebel Against Capitalism ‘ in your cornflake packet! And people believed it!

April 2007

FOREX - Applying Day Trading Discipline To Position Trading

In a recent article, I explained that I have started to trade Foreign Exchange markets (FOREX) once again, after a sabbatical for a few years. And I also highlighted that it was interesting to see that the forex business has changed very little during those years, despite huge leaps in online trading technology, and so on. Specifically, I referred to the fact that day traders always seemed to me to be far more disciplined in their trading approach than position traders, and that this still seems to be the case. To recap briefly, establishing this discipline is a simple three step process:

Bum Marketing - What's Behind The Cloak...?

By now, it is probably quite hard to come up with anything new to say about Bum Marketing, but, being someone who point blank refuses to accept the futility of attempting the merely impossible, here goes….. From my own experience of the recent bum marketing phenomena, the main plank of the modus operandi seems to be that marketers attempt to make readers of their articles buy into the affiliate programs that they are promoting. Nothing wrong with that per se, except that I believe a few marketers have come to grief with article directories whose rules specifically outlaw using direct links to affiliate sites in the authors bio or resource box.

March 2007

Download 30 Free Mp3 Audiobook Files Now!

In addition to making your whole music anthology completely mobile, mp3 players enable you to carry a virtual library around alongside you as well. Wellnigh every publication that has been written that is genuinely worth consideration can now be accessed in the form of an audiobook . Brilliantly executed audiobooks are accessible almost all over the internet, and have numerous advantages over of their printed cousins, the main one being the convenience of being able to take them anywhere alongside you.

“Auction Ads” - A Different Type Of Advertising Resource

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If you’re into bum marketing, and working with your own sites or blogs, or publishing any kind of website at all, you need to read this very carefully, I’ve just stumbled across something that I think could become very big over the next few months, which you can join for free now!

Blog Archive » Cheap mp3 players, cheap domains & ROR

Anyway, that being so, me and my iPod spend a lot of quality time together – especially as my 17 year old Mitsubishi Pajero has no music in it (and seeing how putting a CD player in would triple the value of the car!) So, I’m big into mp3’s and consequently, have just built a site dedicated to anyone who wants to buy a cheap mp3 player...

Excellent Free PDF Creator

This free pdf creator really works! You readcan more and download it.

Writing Articles & Bum Marketing

Since my last post, I have a few indignant messages suggesting - no, telling me - that I am wrong, that article marketing is NOT the same as bum marketing...