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10 July 2009

How Do I Lose Weight In My Stomach With An Exercise Ball?

I just found my exercise ball, and I want to know some exercises to do to lose weight in my stomach. I do NOT want six pack abs or something like that, I just want to lose weight in my stomach.

09 July 2009

How Can I Lose Weight Specifically Off My Stomach Without Taking Supplements?

My stomach is gaining weight over everything else, I’m getting terrible stretch marks too. What can I do to lose of my stomach at home fast without buying special supplements? Any special foods too?

28 June 2009

How Do You Lose Weight On Your Stomach Without Strengthening Your Abs?

im a girl age 14 nd i hav quite a big stomach. there is lots of fat in the lower part of my abdomen too. how do i lose weight off it in a realli quick easy way?

14 June 2009

How Do I Lose Weight Fast Around My Stomach And My Thighs.?

I really want to lose weight but I’m to young to go to the gym and I don’t have a treadmill at home. How do I lose weight?

09 June 2009

How Do I Lose The Most Weight And Have A Flat Stomach?

I am one of thoes people who gain and lose weight very easily. I have lost over 15 lbs in a two week peroid before with no health problems. I just finished finals and during this time i stress ate so i gained many pounds. I am natrually very short ...

01 June 2009

How Can I Lose Weight From Only My Stomach And Nowhere Else?

I am tall and thin, but have too fat a belly for my weight. I do not want to lose weight, and am actually trying to gain weight. However, my belly is also expanding as I do this. How can I lose weight in only my stomach and no where else? I have tried...

How Do You Lose Weight On Your Stomach Area?

I want to lose weight just on my stomach area. I like how my body is and want to leave it that way except for my stomach because it seems as if that’s the only place I gain weight! And on my upper thighs. I’m also kind of lazy when it comes...

26 May 2009

How Can I Lose Weight On My Waistline And Stomach And Keep The Weight On My Hips And Butt?

I am relatively thick. Decent size butt hips thighs very shapely. I want to make maintain my waistline and possibly make it smaller but when i lose weight I tend to lose it all over. How can I lose the weight on top and keep the weight below and possib...

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