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November 2006

Better Glows in Photoshop

Bored of the normal glow that is provided by the blending options in Photoshop, or feel more creative? Then don't let it restrict you, this technique demonstrates an alternate way of creating a glow around objects and text.

Water Effects in Photoshop

Water takes up about 70% of the Earth's surface - that's a lot of water, but just because there's a lot of it doesn't mean it should take a lot of time to draw it in Photoshop. This covers basic water effects in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

October 2006

Phasers and Lightsabers in Photoshop

Sometimes it's fun to edit a photo so that it's got a lightsaber in it to make a spoof of Star Wars, or maybe some laser fire as a phaser if it's Star Trek; doing this in Photoshop is quick and easy.

"Web 2.0" style logos in Photoshop

The term Web 2.0 is a dreadful term, but it is useful being able to collate a series of ideals and standards under one banner. With this new ideal comes a common set of design patterns and colours. A starting point for any Web 2.0 design should be the logo, and here's how to do it using Adobe Photoshop. In this example I am using CS 2 though it should work in earlier versions, and hopefully in Photoshop Elements.

September 2006

New Earth Online

New Earth Online is dedicated to quality Web Development and Software Development and FREE tutorials for doing your own.

Reflections in Photoshop

Since the dawn of what people have dubbed Web 2.0, a series of common design elements have sprung up on many sites. One of these popular trends is to have objects having reflections as though they were standing on a shiny surface. Easy to understand reflections in Adobe Photoshop.

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