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04 April 2009

03 April 2009

02 April 2009

01 April 2009


[Harvard course on visualization, with links to video, slides, etc.]

31 March 2009

30 March 2009


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[bitmap to vector app]

24 March 2009

The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter

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[everything you want to know about twitter]

WikipediaVision (beta)

[surveiller les contributions anonymes à Wikipédia en temps réel]

22 March 2009

A loo with a view: The world's most scenic lavatories -

[ Luke Barclay, author of Loo With a View, set off on a two-year global mission: to find bathrooms, dunnies, restrooms and outhouses of distinction to write home about]

Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds

[experiment in scale : 4.6 billion year in 60 second]

21 March 2009

[multimedia tool]

17 March 2009

16 March 2009


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[python software for graphs]

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