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May 2008

Open-source massively multiplayer strategy game played through an internet browser « Solar Empire

Solar Empire is an open-source online multiplayer game played through an internet browser. Using both turn-based and real-time systems, Solar Empire is a unique experience that will get you hooked.

March 2008

Crimson Fields

Crimson Fields is a turn-based tactical war game. It can be played against a human opponent in hot-seat mode in front of the same machine, over a network, or via e-mail, or against the computer.

February 2008

January 2008

August 2007

OpenRTS real-time strategy game - OpenRTS

OpenRTS is an open source realtime strategy game. It features isometric graphics, networked multiplayer and single-player scenarios. The game is being developed using Python and SDL. The game runs on at least Linux, Windows and Mac. For more details about

May 2007

March 2007

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Freeciv is a multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License.

Battle for Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. Fight a desperate battle to reclaim the throne of Wesnoth, or take hand in any number of other adventures

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