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May 2006

software mine

This site is essentially a fleshed-out and glorified bookmark manager for the software I use. Hopefully it will prove of use for others too. I plan to store various web design scripts, batch files and general help information, again as a resource for me, and of possible interest to you - yes you!

Connotea - a free online reference management service for researchers and clinicians

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Connotea is a free website to help researchers and clinicians manage and share information.

Veille Perso - Toolbox

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Blinklist allow you to export all your bookmarks as an XML feed, which is a good idea to be sure to get a backup of your data. But it's not of much use if you want to use thoses data somewhere else, don't you think so? So this tool provide you with a way to convert the Blinklist XML feed into either a XML file (allowing you to import your data in most of the social bookmarking services, if you want test them and be sure that Blinklist is still the best;)) or into a Firefox bookmark file (allowing you to import your data into your browser bookmarks). This tool gets the job done!

March 2006

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