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2.0 WEBMANIA - Notícias, Reviews, Previews, Mashups, Recursos e Dicas na Web 2.0

2.0 Webmania é um blog Português destinado a cobrir todas as novidades e curiosidades da Internet. Além de fonte informativa, pretende ser uma fonte de inspiração para todos quantos desenvolvem projectos web em Portugal.

Raiden's Realm: Home

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Raiden's Realm is a community tech site dedicated to helping people learn about Linux, BSD, and open source software. We strive to provide you with the information necessary to help you make the switch to a more user friendly and fun computing experience.


Opensoft » Freeware and Open Source Reviews

reviews and infomation on freeware and open source software and games.


Hardware Reviews, Computer Hardware Reviews - Dev Hardware

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Whether you want computer hardware reviews on watercooling, flat screens, memory modules, video cards, and the latest in gaming and technology news, we have something you’ll enjoy. Stop by our busy computer hardware forum, where thousands of hardware enthusiasts participate in active discussion. Also try searching our hardware forum database, as well as our full network of sites, using igrep for answers to any computer questions.

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