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July 2008

Main Page - Openmoko

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Openmoko™, born as a Free Software project under GPL and LGPL license, is dedicated to delivering an open software stack on mobile platforms. Openmoko shipped its first product, the Neo 1973, on July 9 2007

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July 2007

floAt's Mobile Agent

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FMA is a free1 powerful phone editing tool allowing users to easily manage all of the personal data stored in their phones, via a number of different connections methods. FMA allows easy management of Phonebook (both SIM and Phone memory), SMS, Profiles,

March 2007

Tinymail - the small E-mail framework - about

Tinymail is a library for developing mobile applications with E-mail functionality. The framework provides components that aid the developer with the user interface but of course also with the connectivity and the caching of messages

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