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13 April 2007 11:00

Lormalinux : Linux for Education

LormaLINUX is Lorma Colleges' very own Linux Distribution that has been optimized and customized to meet the needs of educational institutions and its students. It is a full-featured Operating System specifically created for ease of installation, ease of - Linux Distribution

Kwort is a modern, fast and easy to use Linux distribution that combines Xfce and some other useful tools to a powerful desktop. Kwort is based on Slackware, so it's robust, clean and easy to extend. :: GNU Linux Live system based on Debian Sid, optimized for HD-install and high performance

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Kanotix is a rock-solid Linux based on Debian, which contains the newest packages and recognizes more modern hardware than any other operating system in use today.

KateOS Project

KateOS is a multitasking operating system which provides all that is necessary for programmers, webmasters, administrators and home users. The most important KateOS features are high efficiency, safety, reliability and low system requirements. KateOS prov

Kaella - Knoppix Linux Azur

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La Kaella est une distribution Linux qui tient sur un CD et fonctionne sans rien avoir à installer sur le disque dur de votre PC. Il s'agit donc d'un système d'exploitation complet, fourni avec tous les logiciels nécessaires à l'utilisation d'un PC :

13 April 2007 10:00

13 April 2007 09:00

Hedinux GNU/Linux

Hedinux GNU/Linux is a french independently developed distribution inspired by the Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch books. Hedinux is optimized for i686 and have its own packages management system. The distribution try to be easy to use, a

13 April 2007 07:00

Grafpup Linux Home

Grafpup Linux is a desktop operating system with a focus on providing a complete and stable workflow for digital imaging professionals and graphic artists in a very compact package. It runs quite well as a live cd but with persistent storage for your data

start [KnoSciences - KnoMath]

A GNU/Linux Bootable CD for Education

GParted -- Welcome

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GParted is the Gnome Partition Editor application.

12 April 2007 17:00

12 April 2007 14:00

OliveBSD - OpenBSD Live CD

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OliveBSD is a LiveCD based on OpenBSD 3.8 with graphical environment and various softwares

FedoraMain - Fedora Project Wiki

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The Fedora Project is a collection of projects sponsored by Red Hat, and developed as a partnership between the open source community and Red Hat engineers. The goal of Fedora? The rapid progress of free and open source software and content. Public forums

Feather Linux - About

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Feather Linux is a Linux distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive and takes up under 128Mb of space. It is a Knoppix remaster (based on Debian), and tries to include software which most people would use every day on their desktop.


EduKnoppix è una distribuzione GNU/Linux basata su Knoppix, rivolta principalmente a studenti ed insegnanti, che permette di familiarizzare con il sistema operativo GNU/Linux e con i suoi applicativi educational. EduKnoppix è una distribuzione live, ci

12 April 2007 13:00

CRUX | Main / HomePage

CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users. The primary focus of this distribution is keep it simple, which is reflected in a straightforward tar.gz-based package system, BSD-style initscripts, and a relat