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This site is home to the toolchains of choice for homebrew game development, currently available for GameBoy Advance, GP32, Playstation Portable and GameCube. More platforms will be added as time permits. Files

Lazarus Code and Component Repository

On the road with Lazarus/Freepascal

A blog dedicated to register my experiences while programming with Lazarus and Freepascal


Bounty Source - LuiPack - Home

Set of components for Lazarus/Freepascal. Some of them are originally done for Lazarus while others are ports of Delphi versions.

Status of XDev Toolkit

XDev Toolkit, a set of utilities for cross-platform development with Lazarus and Free Pascal.

2006 [Homepage]

Tdbengine is a "relational database management system" - in short: RDBMS - with an integrated programming language. It represents the enhancement of the famous DOS-TDB and is predestined to handle databases on the web. It connects to the webserver using the standard cgi interface. The tdbengine is very small (about 400 KByte), extremely quick and easy to administrate. Currently versions for Linux (x86), FreeBSD (x86) and Windows NT/2000 are available. The tdbengine is distributed as freeware and its source code is available for download, too. The current Version 6.2.9 can be downloaded here. Apart from many GNU - projects the tdbengine is written in Pascal. It is compilable with FreePascal without any additional libraries or packages. For those looking forward upcoming features the beta version might be interesting.

Lazarus Code and Component Repository

he main Lazarus homepage is here. The purpose of the Lazarus Code and Component Repository (CCR) site is to serve as an easily accessible Code Repository, Knowledgebase and support site for converting existing components and libraries to work with the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal Compiler.

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