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December 2007

Natural Docs

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Natural Docs is an open-source, extensible, multi-language documentation generator. You document your code in a natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.

November 2007

PHPDoc - Home

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PHPDoc is an adoption of Javadoc to the PHP world. PHPDoc is written in PHP. It offers you a way to generate an API documentation of objectoriented and procedural code with certain markup in your source. PHPDoc is an Open Source Project and gets distribu

October 2007

September 2007

June 2007

crunchy - Google Code

Crunchy is an application that formats and delivers html-written Python tutorials inside a browser window, adding interactive elements and snazzy navigation.

FAQTs - Get the faqts, and nothing but the faqts

by 2 others is a growing collection of high quality information. You can browse the knowledge bases or perform specialized searches. Anyone can contribute and everyone is encouraged to do so.

May 2007

April 2007