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December 2007


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Geubuntu is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. Geubuntu, a project started and designed by the Italian artist Luca D.M. (aka TheDarkMaster) is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a V

May 2007

Parsix GNU/Linux :: A Gift From Ancient Persia

Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation CD based on KANOTIX and Debian. It is a complete GNOME centric desktop oriented distribution. Beside of the dozens supported languages, Parsix GNU/Linux also supports Persian keyboard and users can switch to Per

Foresight Linux | Welcome !

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Foresight Linux is a Distribution which showcases the latest and greatest version of the GNOME Desktop Environment. Foresight includes some of the more innovative and new software being built for Linux today, including beagle , f-spot , avahi (zeroconf),

April 2007

Mutagenix: Slackware Based Live CDs

Mutagenix is a suite of Slackware based LiveCDs. Currently (, the suite consists of a rescue disk and a KDE desktop disk -- I am looking for a reasonable GNOME install to use for the Mutagenix GNOME disk. The desktop's each have the rescue disk a

Hedinux GNU/Linux

Hedinux GNU/Linux is a french independently developed distribution inspired by the Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch books. Hedinux is optimized for i686 and have its own packages management system. The distribution try to be easy to use, a