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17 June 2007

22 May 2007

20 May 2007

Topologilinux - [Running Linux inside Windows]

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Topologilinux is a free Linuxdistribution to be run on top or inside your existing windows system. The main thing with Topologilinux is that it does not require any partitioning at all. (uses a single file as linux root system) Topologilinux is therefore

Cooperative Linux

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Cooperative Linux is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. More generally, Cooperative Linux (short-named coLinux) is a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongsi

06 May 2007

GeeXboX HomePage

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GeeXboX is a free embedded Linux distribution which aims at turning your computer into a so called HTPC (Home Theater PC) or Media Center. Being a standalone LiveCD-based distribution, it's a ready to boot operating system than works on any Pentium-class

01 May 2007

18 April 2007