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Lazarus Code and Component Repository

Async Professional Home Page

Async Professional is a collection of native Visual Component Library (VCL) components that provide serial communication facilities for programs created with Borland Delphi and C Builder.

eZ Components

by 2 others
eZ Components is an enterprise ready general purpose PHP components library used independently or together for PHP application development. With eZ Components, developers do not have to reinvent the wheel, instead they can concentrate on solving customer-



Lazarus Code and Component Repository

he main Lazarus homepage is here. The purpose of the Lazarus Code and Component Repository (CCR) site is to serve as an easily accessible Code Repository, Knowledgebase and support site for converting existing components and libraries to work with the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal Compiler.

MamboXchange: Welcome

by 2 others has been established as a free development and distribution environment for the Mambo community to host components, templates, plug-ins, modules and anything related to Mambo. Mambo is a business-oriented open source CMS which was originally developed by Miro International. Miro founded the Mambo Foundation and transferred the ownership of the Mambo code and trademarks to the foundation. Mambo can be hosted on any server as long as it runs PHP and MySQL. Mambo is the perfect solution for developers and novice users alike who demand a simple yet elegant way to deploy professional websites rapidly.


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