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04 January 2006


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WebGUI (pronounced web-gooey) is one of the most popular open | Your Digital Life, Anywhere™

Site devoted to the development, promotion and use of portable applications.

02 January 2006

Humorix: World Domination... One Joke at a Time

Humorix shows the lighter side of Linux, the open source operating system everyone and their brother are talking about. Jokes about Slashdot, the SCO fiasco, Microsoft, geekdom, and poorly-conceived copyright laws are thrown in for good measure. See the A

30 December 2005

m. migurski / json

JSON-PHP is a PHP implementation of JSON, freely-available for download and use from This project has a public Yahoo! group for bug reports, updates, rants, etc.

29 December 2005


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... Bowman Gurock Software Ian Landsman Ian M. Jones Joe Indie Joel on Software Jose Emilio Leon Kevin Dangoor Look Later MicroISV Mike Morris NGEdit Neville Franks Orb Software Paul Graham PhotoLion Dev Planet MicroISV Editorial Rapid Signal Sean ...

28 December 2005

AJAX Magazine

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AJAX Magazine and forum. Read articles from people that really watch the AJAX trends.

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