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29 August 2006 16:30

The $1.4 billion flop

Advertising works – some better than other, but advertising works. So, why has the government’s $1.4 billion advertising campaign to get young people to stay away from drugs been such a dismal failure? According to the Government Accountability Office, a $1.4 billion anti-drug advertising campaign conducted by the U.S. government since 1998 does not appear to have helped reduce drug use and instead might have convinced some youths that taking illegal drugs is normal. So, it’s possible that not only did the campaign fail; it may have had the exact opposite effect. ()() I think the answer is simple. We give kids mixed messages about drugs. Alcohol and cigarettes are arguably more dangerous than marijuana, but both are completely legal. Unlike cigarettes, marijuana has been shown to have some medical benefits like curing nausea in cancer patients.

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