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August 2006

Senate Rejects Minimum Wage Hike, Estate Tax Cut

Senate Democrats late Thursday refused to accept a bill raising the nation's minimum wage because the bill also would have eliminated the "death tax" on estates up to $5 million. Republicans needed 60 votes to cut off debate and bring the bill to a vote -- but in the end, they managed to muster only 56 votes. Furious Democrats called it "sham" legislation and they accused Republicans of "trickery."

May 2006

Against a fence

Dear Jorge plans to address the nation tonight, a speech wherein he will almost surely attempt to deceive citizens into believing that he does not wish the mass migration from Mexico to continue unabated. He will likely offer some negligible resources for law enforcement and border security – resources which will never materialize – in return for an amnesty program that will grant American citizenship to the Mexican nationals who have helped lower America's wage rates by 16 percent over the last 32 years. And he will be lying, again, just as he lied when he said: "Massive deportation of the people here is unrealistic – it's just not going to work."

April 2006

Minimum wage, maximum folly

About a fortnight ago, Mrs. Williams alerted me to an episode of Oprah Winfrey's show titled "Inside the Lives of People Living on Minimum Wage." After a few minutes of watching, I turned it off, not because of the heartrending tales, but because most of what was being said was dead wrong. Let's look at it.

March 2006

Raising Minimum Wage a ‘Cruel Hoax’

“One Dollar More” campaign would lead to more unemployment “Basic economics says that wages are tied to worker productivity,” Cordato said. “Forcing employers to pay ‘one dollar more’ would also force them to turn away more unskilled workers who couldn’t be productive enough to earn one dollar more.”

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