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Mitt Romney Defends Abortion Stance After Internet Video Appears

The debut of a video on the Internet this week is causing more headaches for potential Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor and recent pro-life convert was forced to defend his newfound beliefs after a 1994 video surfaced showing him defending legalized abortion. Responding to the video, Romney appeared on a radio talk show and said, "I was wrong on some issues back then." "If you want to know where I stand by the way, you don't just have to listen to my words, you can go to look at my record as governor," Romney said during an appearance on the "Glenn and Helen Show," a radio program.


The Libertarian Vote

Not all Americans can be classified as liberal or conservative. In particular, polls find that some 10 to 20 percent of voting-age Americans are libertarian, tending to agree with conservatives on economic issues and with liberals on personal freedom. The Gallup Governance Survey consistently finds about 20 percent of respondents giving libertarian answers to a two-question screen.

Personal data stolen on 26.5 million vets

Disks with the personal data of 26.5 million U.S. veterans were stolen from the home of a Veterans Affairs employee, the department announced today. The data included names, dates of birth and social security numbers of all living veterans who have been discharged since 1976. The employee, a data analyst, did not have authorization to take home the data, which was stolen this month. ()() Just proves once again that our government bureacracy has become so large there is absolutely no accountability anymore.


We support the elimination of personal property taxes on homes. We also support the four Constitutional Amendments related to this bill.


"In God We Trust" to come off coins?

Michael Newdow, perhaps America's best known [most hated] atheist, has a new target in his personal war against God in the public domain: "In God We Trust" on U.S. money.

Military Warns Combat Bloggers

Army officials this week issued new warnings to soldiers about posting personal stories from combat zones on the Internet and taking photos at overseas bases, saying those actions could jeopardize troops’ security.

Me Nude!

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The name of the website alone should be self-explanatory.

Dumb People, Dumb Pictures, Dumb News, Dumb Animals, Dumb Everything!


G. Dean Townshende

New web site of a friend of mine

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