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September 2006

The Unlearned Lesson of Katrina

The disaster in New Orleans was caused, not by too little welfare spending, but by too much. Four decades of dependence on government left people without the resources -- economic, intellectual, or moral -- to plan ahead and provide for themselves in an emergency

March 2006

Media, Democrats Exaggerate Warning of Levee Breaches

Critics of the Bush administration have promoted video of an Aug. 28, 2005, teleconference between emergency management officials and the president as proof that the White House was warned that levees around New Orleans would likely fail against Hurricane Katrina. But a closer examination of the recording and transcript shows no mention that the Crescent City's levees would be breached.

NRA targets Mayor Ray Nagin

The National Rifle Association has filed a motion for contempt against Mayor Ray Nagin and the City of New Orleans over the confiscation of guns in the wake of Hurricane Katrina last fall. According to an NRA statement, the motion, which also targets the acting chief of police, alleges the officials failed to comply with a temporary restraining order, handed down Sept. 12, ordering an end to all gun confiscations in the city.

October 2005

Jesse Jackson, Corps of Engineers disagree on cause of levee breach in Industrial Canal

Two large breaches on the east side of the Industrial Canal led to flooding and miles of destruction. Rev. Jesse Jackson believes a runaway barge caused one of those breaches.

September 2005

Brown Shifts Blame for Katrina Response

A combative Michael Brown blamed the Louisiana governor, the New Orleans mayor and even the Bush White House that appointed him for the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina in a fiery appearance Tuesday before Congress. In response, lawmakers alternately lambasted and mocked the former FEMA director.

All the King's Men Cannot Save New Orleans

Federal dollars won't make the Crescent City great. So we are sending all the king's horses and all the king's men to fix the Humpty-Dumpty of New Orleans. Put it back together on a sinking wall of mud and see if it falls off again.

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