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Movie raters: Christian themes won't be factor

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The movie ratings board run by Hollywood's six top studios is back-pedaling from a process that reportedly used to target movies for PG ratings if they carried an evangelical Christian message, WorldNetDaily has learned. The move by the Motion Picture Association of America followed controversy over a rating for Sony Provident Films' "Facing the Giants," which was given the PG tag after officials told the movie's makers it was because it was so Christian. "The scene that caught the association's attention was an exchange between a coach and a player," said Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission in an op-ed piece published this week. "The coach assures the player that following Jesus Christ is a decision everyone makes for himself, but, if he accepts Christ, it will change his life."


Chronicles of Narnia

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

This website has been created especially for leaders of schools, churches, groups and organizations, as well as retailers who wish to use the film as an outreach or teaching opportunity. We invite you to take advantage of the many resources we've created with you in mind...

65 out of 490 girls at school pregnant

Movies, TV, video games, lazy parents, lax discipline all cited as likely reasons

Unfairenheit 9/11

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The lies of Michael Moore. (Remember, this is being published by Slate, not known for being a right-wing publication.)


Movie message in 'The Day After Tomorrow' is mostly hot air

Unable to develop a coherent political ideology to oppose President George W. Bush, the anti-Bush cabal has turned to humor and Hollywood.

Michael Moore, from Cannes to campus

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moore's film 'reduces decades of American foreign-policy failures to a black-and-white cartoon that lays the blame on one family.'

Unlearned lessons from 'The Passion'

The pre-release prediction from much of Hollywood was that no one wanted to see a religious picture and the film was sure to tank, costing Gibson his personal investment and inflaming anti-Semitic passions around the world.

Second Thoughts about 'The Passion'

My current theory is that Christians and Jews see two different films...

Elven Phrases

Learn the language of Middle Earth

Hollywood Heads in the Sand

Can anyone remember the last time Hollywood seemed so bummed out over a film making a boatload of money at the box-office?

Their collection becomes yours


'Star Wars' Trilogy Set for DVD Release

Discover Narnia

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details about the upcoming movie!


I Robot Now

a movie within a commercial

The Matrix Trailers

Reloaded and Re-Encoded

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