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October 2006

The Libertarian Vote

Not all Americans can be classified as liberal or conservative. In particular, polls find that some 10 to 20 percent of voting-age Americans are libertarian, tending to agree with conservatives on economic issues and with liberals on personal freedom. The Gallup Governance Survey consistently finds about 20 percent of respondents giving libertarian answers to a two-question screen.

Who knew Mark Foley was a closeted Democrat?

At least liberals are finally exhibiting a moral compass about something. I am sure that they'd be equally outraged if Rep. Mark Foley were a Democrat. The object lesson of Foley's inappropriate e-mails to male pages is that when a Republican congressman is caught in a sex scandal, he immediately resigns and crawls off into a hole in abject embarrassment. Democrats get snippy. Foley didn't claim he was the victim of a "witch hunt." He didn't whine that he was a put-upon "gay American." He didn't stay in Congress and haughtily rebuke his critics. He didn't run for re-election. He certainly didn't claim he was "saving the Constitution."

January 2006

New England Liberals Lead Charge Against Alito

Liberal Democrats waged an eleventh-hour attempt Monday to block Samuel Alito's Supreme Court confirmation, arguing that he would tilt the high court further to the right.

The Other Side of the Body Armor Debate

The liberals have latched on to the idea that we're not properly equipping our troops. Some of you may remember the Press Conference where a soldier was "fed" a question about body armor to ask Donald Rumsfeld. Well, the Pentagon has been doing some studies about body armor, and some soldiers aren't happy with the results.

December 2005

Why can't I get arrested?

Ann Coulter says, "I'm getting a little insulted that no Democratic prosecutor has indicted me. Liberals bring trumped-up criminal charges against all the most dangerous conservatives. Why not me?"

November 2005

The Vile Bile We Have to Put up With

Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele in his bid for the U.S. Senate are fair because he is a conservative Republican.

Veterans shield family from protests

While a small group waved signs and took joy in the death of a U. S. Soldier Wednesday in South Haven, an assortment of veterans and motorcycle groups made sure at least, that the family of the deceased would not be bothered. The protestors, who numbered less than 10, held signs, tore American flags and made hateful remarks aimed at families of soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

'Marketing of Evil' critics take pot shots

It was bound to happen. When WND reported last week that Managing Editor David Kupelian's new blockbuster book, "The Marketing of Evil," had garnered a rare five stars on based on reader reviews, that proved to be too tempting a target for critics of the controversial book.

Hillary unhinged by 'Liberals Under My Bed'?

Senator's spokesman attacks illustrated story with Clinton look-alike. Is Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton personally offended by a book poking fun at liberals?

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