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Rise of the food tyrants

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In the wake of New York City's ban on restaurant use of trans fat, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the ban is "not going to take away anybody's ability to go out and have the kind of food they want, in the quantities they want. ... We are just trying to make food safer."


Soy is making kids 'gay'

There's a slow poison out there that's severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture. The ironic part is, it's a "health food," one of our most popular.

Pharmacists Don't Want to Sell Morning After Pill Despite FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration may have approved sales of the morning after pill over the counter, but some pharmacists are reluctant to sell the drug. The agency's move to sell Plan B without a prescription may expand the nationwide debate about a conscience clause for pharmacists to allow them to opt out of dispensing the drug. ()() The widespread practice of abortion as birth control in the Unied States will end with a whimper. We won't need the big bang of a Roe v. Wade being overturned.

Arctic Harp Seals Show Up on U.S. Beaches

Canadian snowbirds aren't the only northern tourists you might meet at the beach this summer. An increasing number of young harp seals are straying from their northern breeding grounds and showing up on U.S. beaches, biologists say. Federal researchers say 297 harp seals were reported on beaches from Virginia to Maine last year, almost double the 152 reported in 1995. The booming arctic harp seal population in Canada, spurred by a hunting ban, and dwindling food sources such as cod are among the reasons being cited. ()() So what does this say about "global warming?" How should the bunny huggers react to this?

Bogus rights

Do people have a right to medical treatment whether or not they can pay? What about a right to food or decent housing? Would a U.S. Supreme Court justice hold that these are rights just like those enumerated in our Bill of Rights? In order to have any hope of coherently answering these questions, we have to decide what is a right.

W.Va. Schools Get Game to Fight Obesity

West Virginia, which has one of the nation's worst obesity problems, is expanding a project that uses a video game to boost students' physical activity.


No ham for Christmas

A WA hospital has scrubbed baked ham from its Christmas menu, fearing Muslim patients could be offended. It has also overhauled its entire menu so that all meals are now halal – containing only meat and other food prepared according to Muslim customs.

Report: Louisiana blocked Red Cross

The Louisiana Department of Homeland Security blocked a vanguard of Red Cross trucks filled with water, food, blankets and hygiene items from bringing relief to the thousands of hungry and thirsty evacuees stranded in the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina struck, according to a Fox News Channel report.

Planned Parenthood Continues to Exploit Hurricane Katrina Victims

Pro-life advocates say Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, continues to exploit victims of Hurricane Katrina. The organization previously said it would provide morning after pills to victims, instead of food or shelter, and is now raising money off of the hurricane for its local abortion centers.

Upstate heeds pleas of storm victims

Upstate residents touched by horrific images of people along the Gulf Coast left destitute by Hurricane Katrina are helping with monetary donations, food and other necessary items.

One of Greenville, SC's finest coffee houses.

M&M's Chocolate MPire

Trust me, you'll want to watch this "movie" trailer. They should play it at the opening of the next Star Wars movie.

Down Size Me!

Soso Whaley proves you don't have to end up looking like a blimp when you eat at McDonald's.

Marshmallow Peeps

Join the Peeps Fan Club and show your Peeps Pride.

Eat Turkey


Lipton Sides

What are you in the mood for tonight?


Pizza Party

Command Line Pizza ordering program

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Cheap recipes: cooking, shopping, and other money saving tips on cutting your grocery bill

Malt Madness

Dedicated to single malt scotch whisky, not whiskey

101 Cookbooks

fun food recipes

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