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March 2006

Flickr Code v0.1

It is just a fun 'insider' way to let other Flickr'ers know how bad you have Flickritis! I'm sure there are more things a person could add, and if more come up enough they can be added to future versions.

February 2006

10 Flickr Hacks

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What Web 2.0 service boasts more than 100 million examples of consumer-generated media?

January 2006

Geotagging Flickr photos with Google Earth

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Google Earth is by far the best source of geographic information on the web. Combined with the Flickrmap Geotagger you can easily add geographic information or "geotags" to your own Flickr photos.


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Flickr Geotagged Photo Search - search flickr for geotagged photos

December 2005

New digital camera? Know how, where you can use it

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Digital cameras were one of the hot gifts these holidays -- the first one for some people, an upgrade for others. Cell-phone cameras are everywhere too, and sites like Flickr and Buzznet -- not to mention photoblogs -- make it easy for anyone to share the zillions of photos they're taking.

November 2005

Google Maps in Flickr (Standalone)

Check out this interactive map showing all my Geotagged photos.

October 2005

Your Photos - not on Flickr!

Over the last year, we've been asked 15,381 times, "How about printing? When are we going to get printing!?" Today we are happy to answer: "Today!" For now it is U.S. only (we know! we're working hard on rolling it out everywhere!). You can order prints to be delivered by mail, or pick them up at your local Target store for one hour printing, even. In both cases, you get 10 free 4x6" prints to get started.


Print your photos from Flickr

September 2005

Flickr Framer

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Add a unique frame to your photos. Remember, if you frame it, it's art.

August 2005

Steganography with Flickr

I decided to give steganography a try on Flickr’s system, wondering if they somehow sensed altered images and stripped the extra or raised a red flag of some sort.


A picture <b>and</b> a thousand words. Online photo sharing, shared screen image viewing, drawing on pictures, multiuser chat.


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Just enter two tags and the count of photos is compared + some preview photos.


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Broadcast Yourself. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

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