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Cruise Goose Cooked

THE creators of "South Park" appear ready to fire back at Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology following a dust up earlier this month that included soul singer Isaac Hayes quitting the series.


Bosom Ballet at Bowling Green

I am writing to ask some questions about an adult entertainment star and “sex educator” named Annie Sprinkle who recently spoke in front of a full crowd of people at your publicly-funded institution of higher learning.

Why SUV's Exist

From SUVOA: Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America. You've just got to see this video, it's hilarious.

The Pond

Wholesome programming for children, "Life at the Pond."


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from PopCap Games


A new kind of crossword puzzle.


John James Audubon

A high-tech look at the Birds of America

How about a nice Hawaiian punch?


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tell your stories

Pizza Party

Command Line Pizza ordering program

Pac Manhattan

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What a weird game?!


Virtual Cities

Franken stuck in no-originality zone

I'd held off writing about "Air America," the new liberal radio talk show network, out of a mixture of contempt and prudence.


The Rock Opera

dabei sein, wenn's passiert

How to become a good writer

Evocative images, provocative thoughts, tension without pretension -- that's what makes for good writing.

Malt Madness

Dedicated to single malt scotch whisky, not whiskey

ACME License Maker

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Make your own custom license plate

Idle Type

Distracting your brains out.

Foghorn Leghorn

The sounds of Looney Tunes

Count Us In

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Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.


Books and Entertainment

Elven Phrases

Learn the language of Middle Earth

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