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Will people listen when it's not Marty McFly talking?

Mary, who has Muscular Dystrophy, tells in her own words that she wants to be cured, but not if it means destroying another human life, "After all, you and I began as tiny human embryos, too." Mary points out that thousands of patients have been successfully treated with adult stem cells, and none with embryonic stem cells, and directs viewers to

The Vent

Two conservative hotties with their own version of "The View" in which they discuss Rosie O'Donnell's incomplete view of Islam. This is one of Michelle Malkin's best Vent shows yet.

ACLU Wants Gideons Out Of Elementary School

If the school decides to remove a communist propaganda book from the library shelves you can count on the ACLU to fight it crying “book ban”. If students are being required to take Muslim names, play jihad games, and bow down in the direction of Mecca you can count on the ACLU to be silent. But when it comes to a tiny New Testament being distributed to students the ACLU think it is unconsititutional.

Stalker or Shutterbug?

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I sometimes snap pictures of strangers and post them on my blog and Flickr. Could I get into legal trouble for violating their privacy?

This Just In… U.S. to Try Enforcing Immigration Laws

The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday that it would be implementing a new, revolutionary, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art approach to the illegal immigration problem. What is this “new” approach? Believe it or not, the department declared that the U.S. would now be cracking down on employers who “knowingly and recklessly” hire illegal aliens. In other words, they are going to try a “new” program called “enforcing existing laws.” Guess what? It works!

Chevy Commercial RoundUp

Chevy’s website has a promotional contest going, asking you to make your own Chevy commercial. The bloggers got ahold of it, and that was a mistake. <a target="_blank" href=";uniqueid=21bdeec0-1600-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7">This commercial</a> kicked the whole thing off, when it got sent around some blogging circles. Now, we’re all making commercials.

Court upholds campus military recruiting law

Back in December the ACLU filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Supreme Court to rule that it is unconstitutional for Congress to force law schools that object to discrimination against gay people to give the military access to their recruitment programs.

Harry Browne, R.I.P.

The world has lost a wonderful human being. Harry Browne passed away last night after a long illness. Harry was a joy and inspiration to all who knew him. We offer our condolences to his family, and especially to his wife Pamela. Words cannot express what Harry meant to us.

Cheney Doesn’t Owe the Media an Apology

The hissy fit thrown by the national media appears to be working. Just like spoiled children, the media’s temper tantrum over the lack of information flowing directly to them regarding Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident has now started to yield results. Democrats, media members, and even some Republicans are beginning to criticize the vice president. Get real! Iran is enriching uranium, and the only concern in Washington appears to be the hurt feelings of left-wing journalists.

Her 15 minutes are over

Don’t ever let Cindy Sheehan get you down again…..ever! Just watch the video…point at her…and laugh.

Kennedy 'Exclusively' a Moonbat

If there is one thing to be learned from the confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court, it’s that liberal Democrats will waste no opportunity to grandstand for their far left-wing even if that means being misleading with the facts, unprofessional with the questioning, and hypocritical with the insinuations. Case in point is liberal moonbat Ted Kennedy who blasted Judge Alito for being a member of an “exclusive” club of Princeton alumni without mentioning that he is a member of an “exclusive” all-male Harvard club.

The Other Side of the Body Armor Debate

The liberals have latched on to the idea that we're not properly equipping our troops. Some of you may remember the Press Conference where a soldier was "fed" a question about body armor to ask Donald Rumsfeld. Well, the Pentagon has been doing some studies about body armor, and some soldiers aren't happy with the results.


Media-Manufactured Controversies: 2005 Year in Review

So apparently Bush authorized the NSA to listen in on phone calls to and from numbers with known terrorists ties. Great. It was about time. Why is this controversial? I come home and the Democrats and the press are acting like Bush declared himself dictator-for-life and had Alan Dershowitz publicly executed. This episode got me thinking, and in the spirit of the year-in-review round-ups everyone likes to do in December, I would like to present: Media Manufactured Scandals — the Year that Was:

Dems: We Don’t Have an Iraq Plan, But That’s OK

Prepare your mind and body for a trip into the Twilight Zone. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives said yesterday that the Democrats will offer no unified position on Iraq in 2006. Despite claims by Democrats and the media that the Bush administration has no plan, Pelosi said that differing opinions within her party regarding Iraq are “a sign of strength.”

And for the Dems… A Lump of Coal

In addition to celebrating the birth of our Savior, Christmas is also a time when "nice" children eagerly await a gift in their stocking. On the other hand, those who are "naughty" are told that only a lump of coal awaits them. In politics, this practice would yield record profits for the coal industry as the Democrats have set new standards in obstruction, attacks, and rhetoric.

Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Yep, despite the political correctness of happy holidays and other bizarre things, The Blog Herald’s Christmas Awards return for another year.

Religion Under Attack in America

A new poll released this week reveals some disturbing findings, yet the results can hardly be called surprising. Americans, by a clear majority, feel that religion is “under attack” in America. From schools, to department stores, to public display, more and more, the religious is being replaced by the secular.

Top Ten Reasons To Stop The ACLU

Stop The ACLU was started on February 9th, 2004. We started with high hopes, and we realized we were facing a goliath. There were many reasons why we thought the ACLU needed to be countered, and they are numerous. We wanted to provide a way to inform the public of the ACLU’s agenda, as the MSM sugar coated it. We wanted to be a central database for people to gather, exchange ideas, and get actively involved in real ways of stopping them. It is a monumental task, exhausting, time consuming, and often frustrating. But it is a fight worth fighting.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Many first time bloggers automatically assume that once their blog is setup and they put a few posts on it, they will get some hits and regular readers. This is quite untrue. You won’t get any traffic if no one knows about your website.

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Pong is a free desktop ping application that notifies blog tracking web services about updated blogs and feeds. It currently supports XML-RPC protocol pings for up to fourteen services (see the list below) at a time.



the Open Source Knowledge Database

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia

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don't know why I never linked to this before

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