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December 2003

Horny French Guys

via Chris Pirillo

Next: Her Christmas Cookie Recipe

Katie Couric's an idiot, again

Al Gore's Son Arrested for Pot Possession

One more politician's kid caught in the insane drug war

What a Crappy Present

by 1 other
CD Gift Advice, Parents and Kids

The Matrix Trailers

Reloaded and Re-Encoded

MovableType News

MT 3.0 and Pro are on the way

The Grouch Who'd Steal Freedom

Institute for Justice: Happy Holidays

Dean's Dim Team

The Democratic frontrunner's foreign-policy advisers have bad track records.

Fastbuzz Headline News

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yet another news aggregator


an online photo community

Documenting Dan Rather and CBS News

2003 Top Ten Campus Follies

"Gender Blind" Dormitory and "Discriminatory" Flyer Top List Tired of Spam Yet?

Enjoy email with Knowspam

SuperDeluxo4.2 wgets and curls

Dedicated to the use of the command-line tools cURL and wget


amazing flash trees

February 2002

The U.N.-Touchables

John Bolton has a chance to be the Eliot Ness of Turtle Bay.

The Original Borking

Lessons from a Supreme Court nominee's defeat.