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September 2006


From his bio: Jason Bentley is a singer/ songwriter from central Illinois. His warm baritone voice variantly glides over and under his guitar strummed compositions. The lyrical content often embraces longing for the self and its relationship to the world,

January 2006

LiveJournal: Omphaloskepsis

My buddy Kevin's personal weblog, written from the point of view of a struggling Texas expatriate hoofin' it day by day in New York town. Double true.

The Anti-hero. He will, he will rock you.

Meet Dustin. He's stuck rockin' out in a small town in Illinois, biding his time until the day he is called up to save your sorry asses from pure, insensate evil...which sucks when yer hawt, muscled, 18, and itchin' to dispense serious justice.

Music Video: Ice Weasels "Royalty-Free Birthday Song"

A video for Royalty-Free Birthday Song by the Ice Weasels, based on "Design for Dreaming" (public domain), an old promotional film from the laste 50's starring Tad Tadlock. Additional song production and video editing by Jason Bentley.