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September 2006


Multiply is a portal for aggregating multiple content sources. Includes meebo-like (but floating) chat client that interfaces with the majors.

Jason Bentley: DJ in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

And I thought I had a rough go of it. This Jason's actually another DJ in the rave/club scene. It funny that he mentions Kevin Saunderson..I got an email from Kevin Saunderson once when he thought I was KCRW's JB.


From his bio: Jason Bentley is a singer/ songwriter from central Illinois. His warm baritone voice variantly glides over and under his guitar strummed compositions. The lyrical content often embraces longing for the self and its relationship to the world,

July 2006

ioda: Independent Online Distribution Alliance

IODA was started by an experienced group of digital music experts with a strong passion for and long history in independent music. We've seen first hand the power and potential of digital music, and are dedicated to ensuring that independents are well rep

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