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05 January 2006 20:45

the random adventures of a bitchy mexican in new england

Roman Roman is a Mexican-born nursing student in Boston that I met in Cupertino when he lived here in California. He takes beautiful pictures, too.

Sprague Rott's Journal

This is one of my oldest and best friends. I'd love to tell you his name and all about him, but I'm guessing that might make him feel shifty and uncomfortable. ;-)

05 January 2006 20:30

Kniwt's Journal

In this life, everyone should know a kindly bike-riding left-wing curmudgeon as astute and rightfully outraged as Kniwt. Kniwt was the editor of a GLBT newspaper that published me almost 10 years ago!

05 January 2006 20:15

LiveJournal: Omphaloskepsis

My buddy Kevin's personal weblog, written from the point of view of a struggling Texas expatriate hoofin' it day by day in New York town. Double true.

05 January 2006 20:00

The Anti-hero. He will, he will rock you.

Meet Dustin. He's stuck rockin' out in a small town in Illinois, biding his time until the day he is called up to save your sorry asses from pure, insensate evil...which sucks when yer hawt, muscled, 18, and itchin' to dispense serious justice.

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