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Another Chiptune Archive !

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A quality "chiptune" archive, sorted by artists. Those tunes are sample based (mod,xm,it,s3m etc)



RobertDix Aka BobX

The fantastic adventures of the cyber dog number 1


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A multi platform Opensource Dos emulator !


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A nice crawler build for testing purpose


Music creation program for the 2A03 chip


Welcome to |tsr's NES archive, a font of information and support for the best video game console ever made - the Nintendo Entertainment System. If it's over eight bits, don't touch it!


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Nintendo Nes Development

Nes music box

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A nice Nes music selection

The spriters ressource

by 6 others - Synthesys.txt

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"A musical machine of consistency, a sound machine (not a machine for reproducing sounds) which molecularizes and atomizes, ionizes sound matter, and harnesses a cosmic energy. "

Sidabitball greatest hits

World famous chiprocker sidabitball got as a website one of his first fan homepage.

Quickndirty file system

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An incredible cli, designed for webpages


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Micromusic community

Tim atari midi world

Atari midi software tests and legal downloads

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Adult Ascii Art

High voltage sid collection

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the largest and most accurate c64 music collection.


Probably the Internet's largest collection of freeware/shareware/GPL Amiga software and information....

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