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23 May 2006

Theory Introduction to Programming Languages

by 2 others
Looks like a good introduction to programming languages.

Helsinki University Library - Linnea Database Services

It is sad when a library is force to write their own script to reinterpret one written by a comercial vendor, to do basic things like not kick the user off ever few minutes. This looks like a useful script.

22 May 2006

16 May 2006

15 May 2006

12 May 2006

01 May 2006

28 April 2006

27 April 2006

26 April 2006

24 April 2006

Outgoing: MXG and OpenSearch

What this amounts to is a prescribed way to dumb-down SRU, almost all the way to Open Search, but doing it in a way that is compatible with SRU.

21 April 2006

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