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Le Guide pour la recherche avancée sous Gmail - Ulule Vox






DragDropUpload - Teslacore


Features and Notes

* drop files into file input fields

* expand file when dropping multiple files

* special support for GMail

* SideBar for dropping file from inside FireFox (actually I don't like it)

* resolution of Windows shortcuts

* drop snippets of text, html pages, or email texts and the extension will generate a temporary file for you. For example to attach a Thunderbird email as attachment press CTRL U CTRL A and drop it.

How To: Have Multiple Signatures in Gmail with No Extensions, Userscripts or Bookmarklets Required - The Next Web

1. Enable Canned Responses in “Labs” in your gmail account.

2. Write out your email signature into your email as if you were writing a normal email.

3. Next save the signature as a canned response under any name, something like “My Main Signature” for example. (repeat this step for all your various signatures)

4. From now on, you can write emails as your normally would and once you’ve reached the foot of your email and ready to insert your signature - simply click the “Canned Responses” menu and select the appropriate signature.

The downside? You unfortunately can’t insert HTML signatures.


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