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08 March 2007

How to turn your blog in to an OpenID

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same account to log in to multiple sites and applications, without having to trust them all with your password? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could do this without having to hand ownership of your online identity over to some monolithic third party? (I’m looking at you, .NET Passport Microsoft Passport Windows Live ID.) The good news is, you can! OpenID is a decentralised authentication system invented by LiveJournal but now being developed as an open standard under the careful mentorship of the Apache Software Foundation. Anyone can create an OpenID, and the number of sites which let you log in with one is growing by the day.

21 February 2007

Philip Guo - Unison File Synchronizer: Liberation through Data Replication

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Unison, a free cross-platform file synchronization program, can not only provide you with multiple backups of your files, but more importantly, grant you the freedom to simultaneously use different computers with access to all of your files.

Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

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Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours with others. We help make the internet a prettier place.

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