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30 March 2006

A document.createElement Wrapper

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Element Wrapper,用簡單的 json object 建立 dom object,用用寫長長的 createElement

Lightbox JS v2.0

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新版本 Lightbox,可以有group navigation和transition動畫

28 March 2006

Javascript Object Tree Favelet

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非常有用的 Javascript Debug Bookmarklet,列出當頁的一些 Variables, function list 等等,在 IE 上測試但沒有 dom inspector?用這個 bookmarklet 可幫助你不少

27 March 2006

Inline JavaScript Console

輕量級 js console,附在頁面的


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很就手的 DOM 小 function

Prototype Javascript Windows

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不錯的 non-popup window,使用 Prototype

25 March 2006

A Base Class for JavaScript Inheritance

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可用類似 super 的方法叫喚 super class method

23 March 2006

Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round

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Nifty Corner 升級版本,更簡單易用

22 March 2006

How to Print Selective Sections of a Web Page using CSS and DOM Scripting

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只 Print 某一部份的 script,但實際上我想我們更需要的是 print-preview

CSS event:Selectors

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以 CSS-selector 做 function assignment 的 javascript library,類似 Behaviour,但這個可以有 multiple selector,和自動的 element attachment

16 March 2006

Dynamic Favicons

如何使用 javascript 交換 favicon


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Yet another Javascript library for Ajax and Animations

14 March 2006

13 March 2006

Bookmarklet Builder

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先打好 code,再到這裏 compress 你的 javascript 成為 bookmarklet


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建議 Browser 加入使用 JSONRequest 來做 XSS,但完全不傳送私人資料

10 March 2006

07 March 2006

05 March 2006

Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser

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早前發現的 server-side push hack,現在有人先發明新 terms

04 March 2006

JS Sorcerer

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checking js syntax, flow, data type...

02 March 2006

Javascript in Ten Minutes (Javascript)

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十分鐘的教學,給有 program 底的人

27 February 2006


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Javascript UI library,當然又和 Ajax 有關了

Standardista Table Sorting

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Javascript library for sorting table

25 February 2006


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Link Toop tips 小 Javascript 工具

24 February 2006


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簡易做出 Tab Interface