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03 April 2006

CSS Caching Hack

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有關清除 browser css cache 的方法,其實跟以前做 static 網頁時要更新的方法大同小異

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:CSSViewer - All Releases

一個非常有用的 Firefox Extensions,讓你可以 hover 於 element 上查相關的 CSS Property

31 March 2006

First Annual Naked Day: April 05

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相約四月五日網站齊裸體 (即是去掉 Stylesheet 啦,當然是為了表示 semantic markup 的重要性)

cross browser multi page photo gallery

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純 css 的 image gallery,沒有 javascript

30 March 2006

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

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每個 email client 的支持程度不一,看來還是 send plain txt 吧!

27 March 2006

CSS Code Visual Grouping Techniques

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一些讓你的 CSS 沒有那麼亂的方法

25 March 2006

Layout Complete Announced at MIX06

以 CSS Zen Garden 為 IE7 示範

23 March 2006

Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round

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Nifty Corner 升級版本,更簡單易用

22 March 2006

Factor CSS

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另一 CSS 減肥網站

How to Print Selective Sections of a Web Page using CSS and DOM Scripting

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只 Print 某一部份的 script,但實際上我想我們更需要的是 print-preview

CSS event:Selectors

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以 CSS-selector 做 function assignment 的 javascript library,類似 Behaviour,但這個可以有 multiple selector,和自動的 element attachment

21 March 2006

CSS support in HTML emails of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail

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在不同 webmail 裏,對於 html 內容的信件都做了不同程度的 filtering

17 March 2006

CSS Tweak ~ Web Based CSS Tweaker!

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幫你的 CSS 轉用 shorthand、消去 comment 等等

14 March 2006

How to Make Firefox Forms Suck Less

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美化 Firefox 表單輸入格的小技巧

11 March 2006

Acid2 - Rows 4 and 5 AKA Opera passes the Acid2 test!

現在市場上最多人用的兩個 browser 還未 pass ACID~~

02 March 2006

Layout Gala

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40 個 CSS Layout 下載

01 March 2006

Hoverbox Image Gallery

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純 CSS 的 thumbnail gallery,mouse over 時可放大圖片

28 February 2006

25 February 2006


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Link Toop tips 小 Javascript 工具

24 February 2006

ReCSS: Reload your CSS

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一個用來 reload CSS 而不用重新整理全頁的 bookmarklet


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簡易做出 Tab Interface

20 February 2006

Live Design

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Step-by-Step 學 css-layout,由 plain html 變成專業 look

08 February 2006

06 February 2006

Lightbox Gone Wild!

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創造 Modal Window UI 的小 library,配合 Ajax 技術,簡單易用