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September 2006

SwarmTeams - Home Page

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基于 SMS 短信的应用服务,可以用来进行组群通讯、个人间的 IM 通讯、RSS 接收以及 VoIP。所有的信息都可以订制,IM 通讯支持 MSN 、Skype 和 ICQ The Mobile Internet Site

via mashable移动平台上搭建的SNS.网站仍然与一般网站一样,可以有个人页面/添加好友/上传照片/评论/收邮件,上传的视音频可以通过手机下载,同时也提供软件来修改档案和上传媒体文件

TextMarks - Welcome - Make information accessible from any mobile phone - via text messages网站托管用户输入的内容和对应的关键词,其他用户只需通过短信输入关键词,就能收到相关内容

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**Make information and web pages accessible via SMS/text messages. Select a keyword that you can send to the 41411 short code to receive your information on your mobile phones. Also has SMS alerts, group discussions & scheduling.

June 2006

Epointment - Welcome to!

在线日历日程安排 targeted at users that do not need a "digital personal secretary," but an easy way to keep track of their appointments.

mobsaver - SMS price comparison tool

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Free SMS price comparison tool. Compare prices on Amazon and eBay while you're out shopping via text messaging.发送UPC或ISBN到save@mobsaver.com可以查看自己的查询

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